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There are several fine schools for children in Glendale, Ohio. Our school district is one of the best in the country and something we are very proud of. Each of the schools below offer first-class curriculums and teaching staffs that are excellent at molding young minds.

If you are planning to move to Glendale or have young children about to start their first year of school, here are some of the local schools in Glendale to choose from:

Schools in Glendale, Ohio

Glendale Elementary School

Glendale Elementary is the local public school for kindergarteners and children grades 1-5. The school educates hundreds of local children every day and offers the standard public school elementary curriculum for the district.

Princeton Middle School

Princeton Middle School educates children in grades 6-8 on a variety of typical subjects, including math, literature, science and history. Activities at the school include Art Club, Student Council and National Junior Honor Society as well as many athletic programs for children to participate in.

Princeton High School

Princeton High School is the local high school for Glendale teenagers. The school features standard curriculum and college preparatory classes for advanced students. There is a full athletic program that includes soccer, football, basketball and more.

Bethany School

Bethany School is a private, Christian school in Glendale that has 230 students from all around the Tri-State area that encompasses 22 different school districts. Curriculum includes Spanish, art, music, computer and of course, standard courses such as math, English and science.

The school offers before- and after-school care for children and several after-school sports and other activities. There is also a weekly chapel service for students to attend with the faculty and their classmates.

St. Gabriel School

St. Gabriel is the Catholic school for believers in Glendale and offers curriculum for kindergarten, elementary and middle school children. There are in-school church sessions and several after-school activities for students to participate in.

These are some of the best schools in Glendale, OH for parents to send their children to for education and guidance. The staff at each school is extremely qualified and will prepare your children in their formative years.